[Diet Coffee] Live Healthy Coffee - Instant Coffee with Yeast-Derived Dietary Fiber [For 30 days]

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Live Healthy Coffee - Instant Diet Coffee
A new instant coffee that supports your health

Live Healthy Coffee is a new type of instant coffee that contains yeast-derived dietary fiber. Enjoy a cup that easily supports your health in your busy daily life.

Key Features
Yeast-Derived Dietary Fiber
Our instant coffee contains dietary fiber derived from yeast, adding health benefits to your daily coffee time. This dietary fiber is especially recommended after fatty meals, sweets, and other desserts, supporting a balanced lifestyle.

Combining Taste and Health
Typically, diet coffees lack flavor, but we have achieved rich aroma and deep taste by carefully balancing the blend with our unique formula. Additionally, by adding dietary fiber, we have enhanced the health benefits that are not present in regular coffee.

Easy to Enjoy
As an instant coffee, it’s easy to prepare quickly during busy mornings or relaxing times. It’s delicious whether served hot or iced.

Nutritional Information
Calories: Low calorie
Dietary Fiber: High content
Antioxidants: Rich in antioxidants

How to Enjoy
Place one packet (or one serving) of instant coffee into a cup.
Add 150-200ml of hot water and stir well.
Add milk or sugar to taste, if desired.

Recommended For
Those who care about their health
Those concerned about triglycerides and blood sugar levels
Those who want to easily incorporate health into their busy daily lives

Enjoy a healthy life with Live Healthy Coffee. Don’t miss this opportunity to try it!

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Name of product :Live Healthy Coffee
Net weight :74g

Matsushita Natural Food Co., Ltd. 

Instant coffee, Yeast-Derived Dietary Fiber

Exp date
1 year after production, written on the label

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¥1,400 tax included